SUPAA Talks Prize Money


If you haven’t heard yet, the not so good news is out about race payouts for SUP athletes. The Stand Up Paddle Athletes Association talks about the on-curing problems of professional racers and prize their payouts not getting fulfilled. If you haven’t seen the article yet check it out here.

The website Riding Bumps goes on to review this press release and gives it’s reasons on whey they supports the stand point of the SUPAA. You can also read about Riding Bumps viewpoint here, with their list of reasons on how it is import for the sport. Also another website goes on to talk about this issue as well on their website here. makes note by adding a press release that the Waterman League published. You can also read in theĀ SUP Racer’s article how the Waterman League’s response to all of this matter and how they are making changes moving forward.